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June 13, 2012
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Broken and unreadable 48 by Coonass Broken and unreadable 48 by Coonass
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Winning the hearts and minds of the populace is something that has become of primary tactic in Afghanistan. The whole concept of modern COIN ops involves creating a long term trust relationship with the locals. While I think this is important, there is always going to be a disconnect between the average Afghan and foreign troops. This is exacerbated by the fact that the USMC plays up the Pashtuns as a "proud and nobel" culture. Then you get to Afghanistan and the people fuck farm animals, shit in their front yards, and act in a manner so backwards it makes even the worst redneck seem cultured in comparison. There is also the fact that they are as two faced as they come. The same Afghan will smile and wave at you while hiding Afghan fighters in his back-room.
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So you expected the Afghans to conform to cultural standards of a pampered Western Country which was never invaded since the Revolution and uncritically bow to your moral superiority?

I understand that being a soldier facing an insurgency is stressing, but maybe you should consider that the Afghans are in an even more difficult situation, that they did not volunteer to face it, and that they have to deal with it for the duration.
So I am supposed to believe the sincerity of your plea on the acceptance of multiple cultures while you lump the entirety of the U.S. into the a single three word insult. Son, the ignorance and hypocrisy froths from your mouth like a putrid smog. Now, it might succeed to blinding those not intelligent enough to think for themselves, but I'm a bit more affluent than all that.

First off, to correct the historical record, we were invaded by the British approximately 30 years after our war for independence, commonly known as the war of 1812.

On the afghans, we are doing more for their infrastructure than at any point since we originally dug their irrigation canals 20 years ago after the soviet invasion. You see, we are dumping millions into the local economy to rebuild mosques, bridges, schools, and processing centers. So if you think they are "suffering a U.S. occupation" your out of your mind. This fails to take into account the lack of harassment that the locals are feeling from the dismantled Taliban underground, which taxed the populace, took what they wanted and routinely executed locals without a hint of due process.

There is also the fact that Americans treat the Afghans incredibly professionally, despite what we see as abhorrent moral standards (such as the blatant persecution of retards, cripples, and women). It is the Afghans themselves, in the form of ANSF and the ANP, that do the most to "harass" the local populace.

So, what do I expect, I expect the Afghans to at least be honest with us and either support us or not. They are trying to play both sides and their two faced demeanor gets on my nerves. There is also the fact they complain about us detonating IEDs in place because it damages their property, acting like they didn't know it there when they probably let the Taliban put it in.

You see, you have never been there. In fact I'm willing bet that you have been nowhere near the middle east. So do some fact checking next time so you don't plaster ignorant filth on my art page.
So wait, you are offended that I made a generalization about Americans, but you can make generalizations about Afghans? I guess it takes an hypocrite to identify another.

Americans treating everyone well and professionally. Sure. You are such selfless saints. I wonder if your selective perception of reality comes from ignorance or just plain dishonesty.

I know I will not change anyone's mind here, so I won't even try. But I do say this. Even if I am wrong, you do not have a monopoly on truth, and if you react that badly to people disagreeing with you, that opposing views are filth to you, than you have tolerance issues.
Son, I could of said something like the southern Pashtunes, Tajiks, Uzbecks, Hazaras, or maybe the residents of Helmand province. Hell, I could go into the tenets of Pashtunewali. However, if I did that you would no fucking clue what I was talking about, so I had to generalize to bring it into your bracket of understanding. In any case, i'll be more specific next time.

On professionalism, as I said before you have been no where near Afghanistan, so you have not the slightest inkling of an idea of what goes on there. Take a stop by the desert before you pass judgment, you might be surprised what you find. However, you will probably continue to believe what the alphabet news organizations and that swill you read on the internet, tell you instead of actually attempting to gain the whole picture.

On tolerance, how many cultures have you actually been exposed to (and don't tell you live in some sort of "melting pot" or cosmopolitan center) I've been everywhere from Far East Asian to the former Soviet Union. I've been exposed to more cultures (actual cultures, not assimilated immigrants) than I can count at Manas, Leatherneck, and Dwyer. I'm quite tolerant of other cultures. However, your too much of a bigot to possibly consider an American capable of tolerance. You see, it's not your message that bothers me, it's your ignorance. You've become so used to your self induced blinders that your convinced you've attained a wide world view. You need to remove said blinders and get up to speed on the actual facts before you make your non-sense public.
If want to be more specific, by all means, indulge me.

However, you seem content in labelling me an ignorant bigot without actually adressing my points or justifying yours.

Also, you seem to expect me to take you at your word that because of your supposed experience you are the sole authority on those issues and I have no right to have a different opinion, despite there having plenty of information from many sources all across the political spectrum. That's a lot o arrogance and entitlement. I respect your opinion as I respect everyone else's, but your point of view is just another one in a vast array of opinions, and it is not necessarily the most well-informed.

You write a lot, but you say little. It all comes down to "I've seem things, you are dumb, and you are wrong. Why? Because I say so."

About my first post: did I lie in saying the the US is a Western Country, and that the life of the average American is much less harsh than the life of the average Afghan?
And about the thing about invasions, my point was that Americans don't have recent or present experience with invasions or occupations in their homeland, while the Afghans dealt with the Soviet Union in the recent past and now are caught between local warlords, foreign guerrillas, the corrupt government and the foreign occupiers. I thought I should clear this up. I appreciate the correction though, I did not know about that other war.
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