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Confederate Marine Corps Guns by Coonass Confederate Marine Corps Guns by Coonass
a color version of the sniper rifle can be found here [link]
a color version of the flamethrower can be found here [link]

These are a few Weapons concepts I came up with that will be used by the Confederate Marine Corps with their A5 battle suits. I'm taking a sort of poetic license with these because it’s so far in the future and was made using a mix of human and "alien" technology. So, these weapons will be incredibly powerful and feature things like super long effective ranges and currently impossible abilities. Also, these guns don't have to adhere to certain factors like weight and recoil because the soldiers that are operating them are encased in .76 ton battle suits. This allows the weapons to be very powerful and wieldy at the same time. Also, Marine Corps weapons are divided into three classes: pistols, secondary weapons, and primary weapons.

Weapon Descriptions

a * means that the term it is placed by is explained in more detail at the end of the article.

Name: CMP-548A1 "Glow Stick"
Class: Pistol
Type: Machine Pistol
Weight: 28 pounds (unloaded)
Range: 700 Meters
Ammunition: "Short" pattern 3 mm Haze bolt
Operation: Rail
Rate of Fire: 540 rounds per minute, semiautomatic

The Glow Stick was one of the first pistols to be developed for the A5 battle suit. It uses the same haze ammunition used by Marine Corps rifles and pistol of the A4 battle suit era. However, The Glow Stick makes use of a more refined firing system and sports a powerful stabilizer* to make it accurate even at long ranges. Because of its relatively small ammunition, the Glow Stick lacks the stopping power of other A5 weapons and has been largely fazed out of service. Nonetheless, a newer version, The A2, takes advantage of the small ammunition by fitting an integral silencer to the weapon which has made the Glow Stick much more popular and has greatly extended its life span.

Name: "CMSMG-68 "Silent Doom"
Class: Pistol
Type: Submachine gun
Weight: 41 pounds (unloaded)
Range: 900 meters
Ammunition: .30 caliber caseless solid round
Operation: Gauss coil
Rate of Fire: 800 rounds per minute, semiautomatic

The "Silent Doom" was built from the ground up as a silenced weapon. It gives off no muzzle flash and hardly any sound. When it was first made there was much controversy as whether to classify the weapon as Pistol of a secondary gun. Eventually it was classified as a pistol on account of its length and range. The Silent doom fires standard length .30 caliber rounds which can come in a variety of forms including hollow point, incendiary, armor piercing, and rotating*.the gun uses standard rail operation which gives it more than enough punch for most military activities.

Class: Pistol
Type: Shotgun pistol
Weight: 30 pounds (unloaded)
Range: 200 meters
Ammunition: 12 gauge caseless shotgun ammunition*
Operation: Rail
Rate of Fire: Semiautomatic

The iron reaper is a strange weapon even by Marine Corps standards. Although shotgun pistols have been made before the Iron Reaper represents the third attempt at making a caseless shotgun pistol. The Iron Reaper also has an 8 round double stacked horizontal magazine that load rounds similarly to standard tube magazine shotguns. Although the range of the Iron Storm is rather small its stopping power is not in question. The Iron Storm uses standard rail technology and fires any caseless 12 gauge shotgun ammunition.

Name: CMP-550A1 "Bull Whip"
Class: Pistol
Type: Machine Pistol
Weight: 31 pounds (unloaded)
Range: 600 meters
Ammunition: 10mm caseless solid ammunition
Operation: Rail
Rate of Fire: 900 rounds per minute, 300 rounds per minute, semiautomatic, 5 round burst

The Bull Whip's primary purpose was to give marines an accurate and lethal sidearm in case their other weapons become unusable. Other than these qualities, which it excels at, the Bull Whip features selectable semi automatic and automatic fire. The bull whip is also fitted to carry a 50 round cylindrical magazine, although it can be loaded with any type 3-5 confederate 10 mm box magazine. This size magazine gives the Bull Whip an edge over other conventional pistols in that it has much greater sustained fire capabilities. Like the Glow stick, the Bull whip features a stabilizer that makes it accurate at long range and stable during automatic fire. The Bull Whip uses standard Rail Operation and fires any type of 10mm caseless round.

CMP-600A3 “Silent Death”
Class: Pistol
Type: Sniping Pistol
Weight:35 pounds (unloaded)
Range: 4000 meters
Ammunition: 20 mm magnum “sniper special” type caseless rounds
Operation: Extended Rail*
Rate of Fire: semiautomatic

Although the concept of a sniper pistol seems redundant it has come about for many reasons. The foremost of these is that a sniper rifle is a large and often bulky weapon. This makes it hard or impossible to operate in places such as vehicles, corridors, and other confined spaces. When this is the case a sniper must either use another weapon or find himself unarmed. In that regard the Silent Death is very successful. The pistol can also be used without sights as an overpowered standard pistol but this is not recommended because of the weapon’s small magazine capacity of only 5 rounds. During its life the Silent Death has become a favorite of snipers and officers alike and has been especially useful in urban battle and in convoy defense operations. The Silent death uses extended rail technology to achieve its impressive range and when firing its standard ammunition it is chillingly effective. The Silent Death also includes a overpowered stabilizer to help improve its accuracy.

Name: CMP-521A2 “Slug Launcher”
Class: Pistol
Type: Machine Pistol
Weight: 38 pounds (unloaded)
Range: 500 meters
Ammunition: .50 caliber caseless solid rounds, .30 caliber caseless solid rounds
Operation: Rail
Rate of Fire: 700 rounds per minute

The Slug Launcher was designed with a single purpose in mind, to put large amounts of high powered rounds into the enemy, in this regard it is as effective, if not as sophisticated, as any other pistol available to Confederate Marines. The Slug Launcher can switch between firing .50 caliber rounds, .30 caliber rounds, or both at the same time. The noise of the weapon, which is substantial, can also deter the enemy. The Slug Launcher uses rail technology to deliver its payload to the target.

Name: CMCCW-85A2 “Eviserator”
Class: Secondary Weapon
Type: Close Combat Weapon
Weight: 78 pounds
Range: (gravity field) 10 meters, (Chainsaw) 1 meter
Ammunition: N/A (uses gravity field generator fed by type 2 power core)
Operation: N\A (Uses gravity field generator and chainsaw)
Rate of Fire: continuous

While the Eviserator looks like little more than a glorified chainsaw, it is one of the most sophisticated weapons in the Marine Corps Arsenal. The Secret to the Eviserator is its Gravity field generator, which can pull personnel or equipment towards it of push it away. The Eviserator can also create a gravity “Wave” that will push everything inside a 10 meter radius of the target away. Other uses of the Eviserator include Heavy lifting, cargo transport, scaling building or other obstacles and disarming or detonating ordinance at a distance. In particularly trying instances the Gravity field generator can be overloaded to Create a “Gravity Bomb” This device, when detonated, will either cause everything inside a certain radius of the gun to be sucked in and crushed or create a massive concussive force which will knock away everything inside a certain radius. The Eviserator uses a Type 2 power core to generate power for the Chainsaw and the Gravity generator, each core has about enough power to give the weapon an hour of sustained run time.

Name: CMGL-422A3 “Fat Man”
Class: Secondary Weapon
Type: Grenade Launcher
Weight: 62 pounds (unloaded)
Range: 4200 meter
Ammunition: 40 mm caseless solid grenades
Operation: Extended Rail
Rate of Fire: Semi Automatic

The Fat Man combines the mobility and flexibility of a standard grenade launcher with the power and range of a mortar. It will fire any 40 mm Caseless Grenade including nuclear grenades. The Fat Man has a maximum range of 4000 meters but its range can be manually altered so it can do anything from launch grenades into courtyards almost a mile away to loping grenade over walls onto the other side. The Fat Man is fed by a 5 round box magazine, however, special ammunition can be loaded manually through a breech in the firing chamber. The Fat man can also use a homing feature where it will automatically calculate the power and angle of a shot based on coordinates given by another marine that is out of line of sight, making the Fat Man an excellent support weapon.

Name: CMSG-351A2 “Storm Maker”
Class: Secondary Weapon
Type: Shotgun
Weight: 63 pounds
Range: 800 meters
Ammunition: 8 gauge solid caseless ammunition
Operation: APS Extended Rail
Rate of Fire: 200 rounds per minute, Semi Automatic

To say that the Storm Maker is a Standard shotgun would be a gross understatement. The Storm Maker uses APS* Extended Rail technology to give it an effective range not though possible with a shotgun. It is also one of the most versatile weapons available to the marine corps as it will fire any 8 gauge solid caseless round including the extra long “super magnum” rounds. The Storm Maker is fed by a 12 round double stacked horizontal magazine. The firer can also manually load rounds into the firing chamber if the situation calls for special ammunition.

Name: CMER-56A5 “Vaporizer”
Class: Secondary Weapon
Type: Energy Rifle
Weight: 70 pounds
Range: 9480 meters
Ammunition: N\A (Fires a 1.4 Terawatt energy bolt, fed by a type 8 generator)
Operation: overhauled E type Extended Rail Technology*
Rate of Fire: 400 rounds per minute, 4 round burst, semi Automatic,

The Vaporizer represents a cross between a full blown sniper rifle and a standard assault rifle. While it cannot match the range and power of a true sniper rifle it is shorter and much wieldier and can operate as a standard assault rifle when needed. The power setting on the Vaporizer can also be changed from 1.4 terawatts to 1 terawatt, .5 terawatts, or .25 terawatts. When operating in the .25 terawatt range the Vaporizer is capable of automatic and burst fire. The Vaporizer comes with a 2-40x telescopic digital targeting computer* as standard but other sights can be fitted if need be. The vaporizer also features a overpowered stabilizer to give it better accuracy and can be plugged directly into a type 5 battle suit to give it even more accuracy.

Name: CMFT-162A1 “Fire Storm”
Class: Secondary Weapon
Type: Flame Thrower
Weight: 35 Pounds
Range: 80 meters (continuous flame), 250 meter (fire ball)
Ammunition: gamma-arsonate* thickened with type 7 napalm*
Operation: forced air and fuel injector and coil acceleration launcher
Rate of Fire: continuous flame or approximately 200 fireballs a minute

The Fire Storm, although a border line close combat weapon, is very popular with those that use them and very effective when used in the right manner. The Fire Storm can operate under two firing modes, the first mode fires a continuous gout of flame that ignites an entire area. The second fires a polarized fire ball. Both firing modes are extremely lethal and, although they lack range, still effective in modern combat. The Fire Storm is fed by an internal tank which gives about 10 minutes of firing time, or 50 fireballs. There is also an attachment on the back of the Fire Storm that allows larger tanks to be fitted.


1. Stabilizer: all modern marine marine corps weapons contain some type of stabilizer to help with accuracy, when a stadilizer is mentioned it simply means it is more powerful than standard.

2. Rotating ammunition are rounds that spin when they hit a target, causing greater damage to target.

3. Caseless shotgun ammunition is achieved by magnetizing all of the shards to a electromagnetic core. When the gun fire an electromagnetic pulse is sent to the round demagnetizing the round and allow the shards to fire like a standard shotgun round.

4. Extended Rail is a lauching system used in modern rifles. It is similar to standard rail operation except that instead to lauching the with an electomagnetic current the gun fire to eletomanetic field while holding bullet in place and releasing it after the field have left the rifle, this creates a super powerful slingshot that can accelerate the bullet to near light speeds.

5. The APS or aerial projectile system works the same way as other caseless automatic shotguns except that when it fires the pellets retain some of their electromagnetism allowing them to retain some integrity as a projectile allowing them to be affective at longer ranges. The projectiles lose thier electromagnetism and break as they approach a solid object.

6. An digital targeting computer is simply an advanced telescopic sight that has digital zoom and can automatically compensate for range, atmosperic factors, weather, and gravity along with other factors that would otherwise throw off a shot.

7. gamma arsonate is a synthetic highly flammable substance originally used for welding large surfaces such as starship hulls. The militarized version is even more potent than the original.

8. Type 7 napalm is a flammable thickening agent that allows flammable liquids to become "sticky" and durn off their own fuel. It is also an oxidizer so that it can burn in outer space.

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the M249 SAW weighs 17 pounds
the M27 IAR weights 7.9 pounds
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if you want to commission me ill be happy to work, but bear in mind I'm a PFC (piece of fucking crap), in the marine corps, so free time is never certain, that meaning it might take a while for me to put out decent work for you.
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