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Imperial pistols by Coonass Imperial pistols by Coonass
Pictured here are most of the pistols in use by the imperial military in the black age universe.

NIAC MP-88 Pistol

This pistol has become the standard pistol among officers in the empire. It can be configured to fire either .357 or .45 inch rounds. Very reliable and accurate. this pistol has also become a favorite of criminals because it is louder and more distinctive than its F.O.B. counterparts.

UIAC MP-34 Pistol

Nick named the "pipe" or "piper" for its resemblance to a popular smoking pipe used by imperial officers, this is one of the few successful F.O.B. operation pistols. It is also one of the oldest pistols still in use by the imperial military. While only issued to officers when the MP-88 is unavailable, it is commonly given to enlisted personnel who require a personal defense weapon, but who because of their job cannot carry a full sized rifle, such as tankers, machinegunners and guides missile launcher operators. It is fed with the same cylindrical power pack as the full sized F.O.B. rifle.

NIAC MP-95 Pistol

The MP-95 is similar in many respects to the MP-88. However, more advance production procedures and use of higher quality materials have made the weapon more accurate and powerful than its more dated equivalent. This puts the MP-95 on high demand among imperial officers, and it is usually reserved for personnel of greater influence and rank, or those who can afford one on the private market. the pistol is also an high value find for any enlisted man who can "acquire" one on the battlefield.

NIAC MMP-87 Machine Pistol

As its nick name the "trench rat" suggests, this weapons is used primarily in trenches. Although imperial defenses are very good, the imperial soldier still needs a way to defend himself if the enemy can get into friendly trenches. F.O.B. rifles and other full sized weapons are often too unwieldy and bulky to be effective when fighting in the confines of a trench so the MP-87 is given to every third man in a platoon to try an balance its abilities. The trench rat is also infamous for being used as a tool of mobs and criminals because it is lightweight and easy to conceal.

NIAC MP-90 Pistol

This pistol is considered overkill by many of the older officers in the empire but it a common sight among younger officers and SNCOs. It is arguable the most powerful, and uncontrollable, pistol in the empire. It is very robust and can be used quite effectively as a small club in close quarters combat.

NIAC MMP-92 Machine Pistol

The MMP-92 is an attempt to completely replace the aging "Yuri guns" (A number of various sub-machineguns chambered for .45 caseless ammunition that are issued to imperial units that require the extra firepower, such assault troops, city fighters and trench soldiers.) that were present in at least some number in most imperial armories. While the attempt was only marginally successful, unit that did receive the MMP-92 have used the weapon to great effect, and it remains popular with imperial troops and commanders alike.
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my empire, formally known as the second Ramiatic Empire
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