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Imperial trooper equipment by Coonass Imperial trooper equipment by Coonass
"this stuff weighs more an I do"
-Bill Guarnere, 1944

sorry, no brass knuckles, but its got pretty much everything else a line soldier might need. In this pic I've tried to show all of the gear that a black age imperial soldier would be issued to use in a combat zone. Ive tried to divide the gear into catagories to make it easier to identify but if you can't figure something out just use your imagination. If I forgotten anything feel free to tell me, I'm trying to be as acurate as possible here.

The ways the gear list is set up is by catagory/quantity/name.


e = essential
ev = essential variable
o = optional
ov = optional variable

essential gear is gear that must be issued to soldiers, it is usually critical to the soldier's effectiveness/survival

optional gear is gear that can or cannot be issued to soldiers at the discretion of the division quartermaster. Usually either a convenience item or an item that is only useful in certain circumstances

variable gear is gear that might be different depending on the division. An example would be hats, one division might use berets while another will use knit caps.

List of equipment:

Sanitation gear
e---1 Sanitation gear bag (waterproof)
ev--1 razor
ov--1 brush
ev-- 1 shaving cream
ev-- 1 soap
ev-- 1 shampoo
ov-- 1 bug spray/sunscreen
ev-- 1 toilet paper
ev-- 1 moisture absorbing cloth (small)
ov-- 1 moisture adsorbing cloth (large)
ov-- 1 moisture absorbing cloth bag (large)
ov-- 1 comb
ov-- 1 hand sanitizer
e--- 1 tooth brush
e--- 1 tooth paste tube

Mess gear
e--- 1 mess gear bag (waterproof)
ov-- 1 stove
ov-- 1 stove fuel canister
e--- 1 mess pan
ev-- 1 utensils
ev-- 1 cup
e--- 2 canteen
o--- 1 canteen pan
ev-- 4 MRE

Medical gear
e--- 1 medical gear bag (waterproof)
e--- 3 mole skin
e--- 2 gauss pad (medium)
e--- 3 gauss pad (small)
e--- 1 bandage role
ev-- 1 anti blister ointment tube
ev-- 1 anti bacterial ointment tube
e--- 1 clamper
e--- 1 tweezers
e--- 1 scissors
e--- 3 clamps
e--- 4 anesthetic administer
ov-- 1 antitoxin administer
ov-- 2 personal health monitor

Survival Gear
e--- 1 survival gear bag (waterproof)
e--- 3 hand launched flare
e--- 5 fire starter
e--- 1 imperial army signaling flag
e--- 2 space blanket
e--- 1 compass
e--- 1 whistle
e--- 1 survival flash light
e--- 1 survival rope
e--- 1 signal mirror
e--- 3 emergency rations
e--- 1 pack all weather matches

Weapon cleaning
e--- 1 weapon cleaning gear bag (waterproof)
e--- 1 ramrod
e--- 1 cleaner handle
e--- 1 cleaning swab (hard)
e--- 1 cleaning swab (soft)
o--- 1 cleaning brush
ev-- 1 rifle cleaner and lubricant
e--- 1 power core extractor
o--- 1 wisk broom (small)

Clothing (non combat)
ev-- 6 pair socks
ev-- 3 pair underwear
e--- 1 pair pants
e--- 1 shirt
ov-- 1 pair gloves
ev-- 1 hat
ev-- 1 belt

Clothing (combat)
e--- 1 pair boots
e--- 1 pair gators
e--- 1 inner webbing belt
e--- 1 outer webbing belt
e--- 1 soft armor vest
e--- 1 hard armor vest
e--- 1 hard armor outer shoulder pads
e--- 1 hard armor inner shoulder pads
e--- 1 hard armor harness
e--- 1 pair hard armor gauntlets
e--- 1 helmet
e--- 1 pair goggles

Bags and Pouches
e--- 1 right upper leg bag set (waterproof)
e--- 1 left upper leg bag set (waterproof)
e--- 4 ammo pouches (medium) (waterproof)
e--- 1 chest ammo pouch set (waterproof)
o--- 2 ammo pouches (small) (waterproof)
e--- 1 rear ammo bag set (waterproof)
e--- 1 backpack (waterproof)
e--- 2 canteen pouches (waterproof)
o--- 1 small pouch (waterproof)
o--- 1 satchel (medium)
e--- 1 underwear bag (waterproof)
e--- 1 sock bag (waterproof)
e--- 2 clothing bag (waterproof)
e--- 1 poncho bag (waterproof)
ev-- 1 gas mask bag (waterproof)
e--- 1 entrenching tool bag (waterproof)
ev-- 1 sleeping bag sack (waterproof)

Miscellaneous gear
e--- 1 entrenching tool
ev-- 1 sleeping bag
ev-- 1 gas mask
e--- 1 rope (large)
o--- 1 rope (small)
ev-- 1 flashlight
ov-- 1 flashlight filter (red)
ov-- 1 flashlight filter (blue)
ev-- 1 multi-tool
ov-- 3 hand flare
ev-- 1 poncho

Combat gear
e--- 1 MR-43 FOB rifle
e--- 5 frag grenade
o--- 2 smoke grenade (yellow)
o--- 1 smoke grenade (red)
ev-- 1 combat knife
ov-- 1 vision enhancement accessory
e--- 42 30 shot FOB rifle power core
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wbyrd Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013
I just remember the pictures of Paratroopers getting ready to jump on D-day...and the quote you posted comes to mind.

I like that you took the time to sketch out the gear and do a thorough Listing of what the troopers carry. That's the kind of detail I wish I could manage.

By the way The FOB looks a lot like the FG-42..Which is not a bad thing really interesting weapon that I happen to like a lot :D
seraphwing11 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2011
lol the soldier is wearing 6 pairs of socks and 3 pairs of pants at the same time XD!!! wow seeign a guy trying to put all that on must be HILARIOUS XP
Gary3-6-9 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2010  Student General Artist
Does he have a guide book for his equipment?
Wesley22296 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2009
I hope in whatever year this sci fi universe takes place in that they have metal cybernetic skeletal structures, because if I were to carry all this it would make my bones collapse!
TrasaricComnenus Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2009
This is rather thorough, but all of it seems useful. It's not like you loaded your grunts down with crap they'll never use. But I must ask, why is there a power core extractor? Does the gun fire physical projectiles or energy blasts?
Tounushi Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2008
-Has a horrifying flashback from camp prep-

"Full camping gear, ten minutes!"
rip304 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2007
Excellent picture! I love the attention to detail and all of the gear nicely done.
Coonass Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2007
ZandoranCelix Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2007  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thats alot of stuff.
Kukubird84 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2007
wow technical drawing!!
Iron-Confederate Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Compared to make sure thhat you have all of the stuff and carrying it around, it ain't going to be easy but essential at the same time.
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