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MRS-76 Sniper Rifle by Coonass MRS-76 Sniper Rifle by Coonass
This is the MSR-76 Sniper Rifle, An anti personnel precision rifle system in use with the Imperial Military in the black age universe. This is by far the most complicated weapon Ive better created, and I'm quite proud of it, see if you can find all of the adjustable pieces (I think thier are thirty five of them on the entire weapon system)


Designed from the beginning of its development to be an anti personnel sniper rifle, this weapon system has become the most accurate man portable weapon system in the imperial military, able to hit man sized targets out to over four miles away. The Core of the weapon is the NIAC mk 55, free floating barrel system, which encompasses the bolt, chambre, and barrel in one homogenous piece of specially modified durainium 23 alloy. The barrel system is precision crafted onto the NIAC mk 76 chassis system, which has over thirty adjustable pieces to mold the weapon to the individual shooter. The chassis, while shipped standard with a bipod, can be hooked up to the NIAC presicion rifle tripod more even more pinpoint accuracy. However, all of this accuracy comes at a price. Wieghing in at over thirty pounds, the weapon is far to heavy for common battlefield use. It is also the only weapon in the imperial arsenal that still uses the archaic bolt action single shot system. All of this means that while the weapon is good at what it does, killing high value targets at extreme long range, it is large and unwieldly, and not to impossible to use on the move.
thatguyisawesome Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2010 not seeing a mag or anything..where does the amunition go?? lol, its an amazing design (got me drooling) just wondering, lol
Coonass Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2010
well, completely technically speaking, the fact that its a bolt action rifle means that the user could cycle rounds manually, however, this weapon has an internal five round magazine loaded from underneath the bolt, similar to the eight round magazine used in the M1 garand (notice the little latch right in front of the trigger guard, which works the magazine slide cover.)
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August 31, 2009
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