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Marines Corps Sniper Rifle by Coonass Marines Corps Sniper Rifle by Coonass
color version of this weapon can be found here [link]

This is a sniper rifle concept for the Black age table top wargame. Its going to be used as a sniper rifle for the Confederate Marine Corps with their mk5 battle suits. I'm taking a sort of poetic license with these because itís so far in the future and was made using a mix of human and "alien" technology. So, these weapons will be incredibly powerful and feature things like super long effective ranges and currently impossible abilities. Also, these guns don't have to adhere to certain factors like weight and recoil because the soldiers that are operating them are encased in .76 ton battle suits. This allows the weapons to be very powerful and wieldy at the same time. Also, Marine Corps weapons are divided into three classes: pistols, secondary weapons, and primary weapons.

Believe it of not I actually got some input from real snipers before I designed this. One sniper (he just got back from Iraq and is in OCS right now) fires the Barret 50 cal. and he holds his weapons with one hand on the trigger and one hand on the butt holding the rifle against his shoulder. In the second hand he has a beanbag which he squeezes to make the weapon go up and down without having to re-seat the rifle on his shoulder. Because of this I figured I'd put a grip on the weapon near the butt that had a button on it that moved the weapon up and down.


Note: the weapon shown here does not possess standard service markings and uses the Vickers Standard 3-50x Digital Targeting Computer*

Terms to Know:

1. A digital targeting computer is simply an advanced telescopic sight that has digital zoom and can automatically compensate for range, atmospheric factors, weather, and gravity along with other factors that would otherwise throw off a shot.

2. Long pattern rotating rail launch systems work in the same way as a super powerful slingshot. It uses an electromagnetic charge that spins to create pseudo distance between a projectile and the charge, thus building tension. When the bullet is released, the tension that is built up launches the projectile at near light speeds. As the projectile is launched, the system provides further boost by spinning around behind the projectile and acting as a catapult.

3. The Illumate are a humanoid alien race that is situated to the galactic south of the confederacy. Gifted with unmatched intelligence, they tend to think of other races as inferior and will often disregard the claims and territorial boundaries of others.

Name: CMSR-288A4 Anubis Sniper Rifle
Class: Primary Weapon
Type: Solid Ammunition Sniper Rifle
Weight: 93 pounds
Range: 16470 meters
Ammunition: .75 cal super magnum caseless ammunition
Operation: Long pattern Rotating Rail
Rate of Fire: Semi-Automatic

The Anubis is the most common Man Portable Sniper rifle in the confederate marine corps. With a range of over 3 miles this rifle is a pure sniper weapon in all regards. The Anubis was designed to be able to Kill any infantry unit (human as well as alien) at a range of three miles. This was a goal thought impossible by human technicians but with the help of defected Illumate* scientists, this goal was turned into reality. The decision to use rotating rail technology was probably the most innovative aspect of the weapon. The reason that this type of launch system was choosing was that it was thought to be the only system feasible that could launch a projectile that distance on a weapon that that small. Before that time, Rotating rail weapon systems were used exclusively on starship cannons and extra large artillery pieces. The problems involved with a man portable rotating rail weapons were 4 fold. First of all it took an enormous amount of power to run. Secondly it was inaccurate, an only effective at hitting large targets (such as attacking starships.) Thirdly, the weapons took a long time to prime, about 4 seconds on current models of the time. Finally, the mere fact of scaling down such a complex system was a chore in and of itself. Luckily, the the bulk of the problems were solved using a single solution. The current rotating rail weapons used a physical spinning pendulum to build up tension between the launcher and the projectile. The Illumate scientists were able to create a "pseudo" pendulum. This method used an electromagnetic charge that traveled around a solid circular path to build tension. This was possible for the Illumate because they were able to produce powerful synthetic electromagnets not available to the human scientists. The final model used four of these magnets to push the charge around the track. This solved the problems of power (it was much easier to push a charge than it was to move a solid pendulum) and speed (the charge could be accelerated much faster than the solid lever). The accuracy was dealt with using an electromagnetic stabilizer (present in the long barrel) to stabilize the bullet. To add ever more accuracy the rifle fires an electro-static "patch" onto the target when fired that the bullet can home in on. The problem of size was solved eventually by stronger lighter materials that were made available by the Illumate and the diligence and creativity of Confederate Marines Corps technicians.

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Extraintelligence Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You say in the description that the range is over 3 miles, but the given range in meters, when converted, is actually over 10 miles. Why downplay the range so much in the description?

Other than that, this is really cool.
Coonass Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2012
the range in the statistical data is based on the bullet moving through air. The three miles is it moving through air and still being able to kill something, even if that something is wearing heavy armor, has bullet-proof skin, or similar.
Extraintelligence Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay, so, effective range is three miles, whereas maximum range is ten miles. I get it now.
Secretsofblood Featured By Owner May 26, 2009
thats a really complex definition for one drawing. i like it though, keep up the work
octopus7 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2007   Digital Artist
Nice weapon, love too see this done in 3D!
Coonass Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2007
So would I, but I'm pretty useless at 3D programs.
SilverRaven101 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2007
Really cool! Very well drawn to I might add. Keep it up!
Coonass Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2007
thanks, your support is always welcome
SilverRaven101 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2007
No trouble!
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